This is an interactive text book used as part of the 5th and 6th IAGA Schools. Check here to see the authors.

How to run the interactive elements

Some of these pages are generated from Jupyter notebooks which can be interacted with on the ESA Swarm Virtual Research Environment (VRE) - sign up for free at vires.services.

On pages with code you will see a 🚀 rocket button at the top. Hover over that button and select JupyterHub to launch the notebook interactively on the VRE.

You can also use this link to load the notebooks, or open https://vre.vires.services and open a terminal and git clone https://github.com/MagneticEarth/book.magneticearth.org

If you want to remove all your local changes and reset the repository: git -C ~/book.magneticearth.org reset --hard origin/main

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IAGA books: http://www.iaga-aiga.org/index.php?id=books

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